Line-up: Alexander Levin - saxophone, Asaf Yuria - saxophone, Yonathan Avishai - piano, Omer Avital - bass, Ofri Nehemya - drum

Among the many talented Israeli musicians, who have appeared on the world jazz scene in recent years, bassist and composer Omer Avital stands out from the rest. The musician, who has lived in New York since 1992, is partly responsible for putting his native country on the jazz map. Critics from Downbeat and The New York Times have high praise for the classically trained virtuoso bass player; he has even been called the Israeli Charles Mingus.

Avital is a visionary who combines music from his cultural background with modern Western jazz. This makes for an atmospheric sound with contagious Middle-Eastern grooves, subtle jazz melodies and orchestral arrangements of Sephardic compositions.

With his new album, Abutbul Music, Avital delivers a strong statement with a powerful sound, joyful rhythms and oriental melodies that draw on gospel and soul. Avital is continually evolving contemporary jazz, rightly been called one of the most unique musicians of his generation.

Omer Avital Quintet - Tsafdina, live at Nice Jazz Festival 2013 Omer Avital - bass, composition Avishai Cohen - trumpet Joel Frahm - tenor saxophone Yonathan Avishai - piano Daniel Freedman - drums