Line-up: Damien Fleau - saxophone, Jimmy Bartolo - guitar, Oliver Degabriele - bass, Manuel Pulis - drum

After studying and playing with over 20 projects in Paris since 2004, double bassist Oliver Degabriele has become more active in the Maltese jazz scene over the past few years. He is a member and co-founder of projects Akalé Wubé, Etnika, Festen, Brikkuni and Oxyd, and spends most of his time between Paris and Malta. 
Last year Degabriele teamed up with two of the most energetic and prolific musicians on the island: guitarist Jimmy Bartolo and drummer Manuel Pulis. Having worked together as the rhythm section of Maltese band Brikkuni, they share a common love for modern jazz and alt rock.
With a varied repertoire ranging from Oscar Peterson to Radiohead, the band will be playing songs by some of their personal jazz/rock influences as well as originals - a set of improvised music with an energy more commonly associated with rock bands. 
French saxophonist Damien Fleau will join the trio for the festival.