Line-up: Nicholas Payton - trumpet, Hammond B3 organ, Fender rhodes, Vicente Archer - bass, Joe Dyson - drums

Grammy award-winning trumpeter, pianist, and composer Nicholas Payton is considered one of the top artists of our time. He was hailed as a virtuoso before he was even out of high school.  Since 1995, Payton has functioned primarily as a leader, though he has been a sideman on such upper-echelon, high-profile projects as Roy Haynes’ Birds Of A Feather, SF Jazz Collective, Blue Note 7, Ninety Miles, and Dr John, and on albums by valued bandmates like Tim Warfield and Adonis Rose.

In 2012 the Chicago Tribune reported that “no descriptive label or category could be affixed to Payton’s solos, which were as brashly original as they were technically imposing.”

Payton is bringing to Malta his latest album ‘Afro-Caribbean Mixtape’, which blends Bebop, Swing, the Great American Songbook, New Orleans second-line, Mardi Gras Indian, Instrumental Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Urban, Hip-Hop, and various Afro-descended dialects of Central America and the Caribbean into a focused sound that is entirely his own.